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Vision Executives’ EYE-INTRO recruitment platform uses a science-based approach to recruitment to find the perfect candidate for your position. We not only interview and qualify candidates but test them via psychometric profiling and written competency assessments.

1️⃣ Firstly, we profile the position by asking our clients to complete a job survey which will provide an ideal personality type for the role according to how the client answers the questions about candidate ‘requirements’.

2️⃣ Following this, we then ask our candidates to complete a similar survey about their behaviour in their personal and professional lives. This allows us to compare the candidate’s personality with that required by the client, letting us see how strong a cultural fit the candidate will be for the position.

3️⃣ We then ask candidates to complete a few short-written questions to test their competency in various scenarios.

✅ Finally, via our EYE-INTRO platform you can score candidates according to how they have performed throughout the process giving you quantitative data to help you hire the right person.

🔥 This thorough search and selection process allowed us to achieve a 96% 1st year retention rate for the candidates we have placed and allows us to OFFER UP TO A 12 MONTH GUARENTEE ON CANDIDATES 🤯

If you are currently hiring for your team and want to find out more about our eyecare recruitment services, then please reach out to

(Names & scores of candidates in the images are fictional)