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People are at the heart of all organisations and hiring them is essential to the continuation and success of any business. Through our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the eyecare space, we understand the trials and tribulations our clients go through daily when it comes to seeking out individuals to join their teams. As a result, we have implemented science and simplicity in one integrated platform which is now the core of our retained search recruitment process.  

This article will explain the features and benefits of using Eye-Intro, helping us to do a better job in bringing our clients the best talent on the market. Disagreements and uncertainty within the hiring team often leads to being back at the previously mentioned starting block or worse, hiring a compromised candidate.
Eye-Intro provides a robust 21st-century recruitment process, that reduces your wasted time interviewing unsuitable candidates, ensures that they stay long term and significantly reduced your overall cost of hire.
Most recruitment consultants are still using 20th-century methodology, which has time again been proven to be flawed. There’s no doubt that most companies might be able to find you a great candidate (on paper) but if said candidate leaves within the first 3 months, you’re back to the starting block and the whole process was a waste of time.
Organisations tend to hire candidates on their knowledge and skills, yet more often or not let them go based on their behaviours. So, if you’re not assessing behaviour and organisational fit prior to making the hire, you’re setting yourself up for failure. In today’s everchanging world, the eyecare industry and organisations within have changed, but when was the last time you reviewed and updated your recruitment process?
Recruitment has made significant technological advancements, however, all too often recruiters are happy just to send over CV’s via email and hope for the best. It’s easy to see how this can cause problems.
Candidates can themselves, or by other means create great CV’s, but often fall down during an interview. Even if they interview well, they often fail to deliver when they start the job or end up being a poor company fit.
How does Eye-Intro address this?
Our shortlist, delivery and assessment process is accessible 24/7, from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity, so you’re able to review and assess candidates from wherever you are and at a time that suits you. The process allows us to align your hiring team, so you all have shared expectations of what your “ideal” candidate is.
Our process isn’t just based on skills, knowledge and experience, but it takes into account other critical “softer” factors, such as behavioural traits, temperament, attitude, maturity, and judgement. It’s been proven important to not only hire people on past history and gut feel, but with greater insight into how they will work and act in their new role.
We also set key competency questions, which combats hiring them and realising they don’t do the job your way. We ask you to set a few relevant questions that you can delve deeper into during the interview.
Have you ever begun an interview, and found as soon as the candidate starts discussing their experience and background, you already know the next 30-45 mins are wasted?
To counter this, we ask all candidates in the process to record a 1-2 minute introductory video which gives you, the hiring manager an insight into their personality to ascertain if the time meeting with them is time well spent.
As a team, deciding which candidate to take through to interview stage can be challenging, so we have implemented a candidate suitability index. This allows each member of your team to score each candidate on pre-determined attributes and compare overall scores. Upon completion of shortlist review, you can simply set your availability and allow us to schedule the interviews.
And employee retention rates?
When it comes to research on retention rates through recruitment processes, typically 70% of individuals hired make it to their 1st year work anniversary, meaning 30% leave within just 12 months. If you had a business process that failed 30% of the time, wouldn’t you fix it?
Compared with this, Eye-Intro holds the industry leading position of a 96% one-year retention rate. We’re so confident in our process that we provide a free, no quibble 12-month replacement period to all clients.
Have you accessed our bad hire calculator? It’s a real eye opener which demonstrates the true cost of a bad hire.
We’re not looking to just send clients a bunch of irrelevant, non-properly screened CV’s. We aim to become your long-term recruitment partner which we believe is done through using advanced methodology and technology that works time and time again. Eye-Intro is the next step for recruitment globally and we’re pleased to be leading the way into fully integrating this platform as our standard way of working.
For more information or to partner with us, please feel free to reach out.