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🤔 How we use McQuaig Personality Profiling in our Eye-Intro Recruitment Service 📊

The McQuaig Word Survey

This includes 10 easy to read reports online and takes 10-20 minutes to complete. The 10 reports are broken into 3 sections: Understanding / Recruiting & Promoting / Managing & Coaching tips.

Why use it?

  • Indicates how a person's temperament is likely to influence their future behaviour
  • Allowing an employer to understand what behavioural traits and characteristics a candidate will bring to the job

The McQuaig Job Survey

A combination of 6 reports (The Profile, Interpretations report, Selling Style Report, Leadership Profile, Interviewing Questions, Reference Checking Questions), which helps managers, stakeholders and recruiters define the behavioural requirements for any job at any level.

Why use it?

  • Establish the behaviour you want in a role
  • You can create an internal benchmark for every role in the organisation

The McQuaig Comparison Report

Helping to guide conversations and enable action around recruitment and team development, while also allowing users to compare candidates against a defined 'ideal' profile for the role and the team.

Why use it?

  • Compare the temperamental profile of your candidates on one page
  • Identify which candidates are the best overall match for the role
  • Compare levels of 'fit' to find your first choice candidate