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People are at the heart of all organisations and hiring them is essential to the continuation and success of any business. Eye-Intro provides a robust 21st-century recruitment process, that reduces your wasted time interviewing unsuitable candidates, ensures that they stay long term and significantly reduced your overall cost of hire.
Most recruitment consultants are still using 20th-century methodology, which has time again been proven to be flawed. There’s no doubt that most companies might be able to find you a great candidate (on paper) but if said candidate leaves within the first 3 months, you’re back to the starting block and the whole process was a waste of time.
Organisations tend to hire candidates on their knowledge and skills, yet more often or not let them go based on their behaviours. So, if you’re not assessing behaviour and organisational fit prior to making the hire, you’re setting yourself up for failure. In today’s everchanging world, the eyecare industry and organisations within have changed, but when was the last time you reviewed and updated your recruitment process?

To us, using Eye-Intro to bring your hiring strategies into the 21st century is a no brainer, but here's a brief to explain why:

Eliminate guesswork from hiring
Evaluate behaviours, not just skills
Multiple layers of candidate assessments
Better candidates - better match
More efficient interviews
Quality decisions
Hire the right person every time

Our process includes:

Personalised Video Introductions
Behavioural Assessments
Key Competency Assessments
Interview Scheduling
Bespoke Campaigns
24/7 Secure access, no matter where you are

If that hasn't given you confidence in our process, perhaps our 12month FREE guarantee & 96% retention rates will tip you over the edge

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