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Imagine waking up, reaching out for your book, opening it at your bookmark and realising you can’t make out the words on the page. This is the reality for people with presbyopia. Presbyopia is the gradual loss of the eyes ability to focus on nearby objects due to the loss of elasticity of the eye’s natural lens.

Presbyopia affects over 120 million people in the US alone, and 2.1 billion people globally. Currently it can only be treated through the wearing of contact lenses of reading glasses. Fortunately, a new treatment is on its way to the market – Eyedrops. As a treatment, eyedrops are believed to offer more freedom to patients. We spoke to Marjan Farid, Director of Cornea, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery at the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, UC-Irvine who believes these products could quickly become a core solution offered by optometrists as they easily be prescribed.

Eyedrops as an alternative treatment to contact lenses and reading glasses is an increasingly promising development. Allergan were first to post with their treatment Vuity. They received FDA approval of their eyedrops in October 2021, however being first to the market does not necessarily mean it is the most effective product. We at Vision Executives have kept a close eye on the development of presbyopia eyedrops from several other companies: Lenz Therapeutics, Eyenovia, Ocuphire Pharma and Orasis Pharmaceuticals. Their exciting developments can be found in our newest article – The Presbyopia Revolution If you wish to read the full article please click here