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There have been some exciting recent developments in the ophthalmology and optical industry:
👁️ Forecast for AI Eyecare Boom!

GlobalData, an analytics company, has highlighted that artificial intelligence was increasingly important for eye care and was already improving several areas of healthcare. 

‘There is so much potential for AI in healthcare and companies are starting to realise where to invest their time and money. AI in ophthalmology is important for so many reasons and could be a game changer for many.’ Alexandra Murdoch, medical analyst at GlobalData.

👁️ The FDA have Approved Eyenovia’s Mydcombi - The First Ophthalmic Spray for Mydriasis

Eyenovia Inc. announced that the FDA has approved Mydcombi, a groundbreaking ophthalmic spray that induces mydriasis for diagnostic procedures and short-term pupil dilation.

This marks the first approved, fixed-dose combination of tropicamide and phenylephrine in the United States and also the first to use Eyenovia's cutting-edge Optejet device to receive regulatory approval.

👁️ Invirsa Completes Enrollment of Phase 1/2a Dry Eye Study

Invirsa announced that its first clinical trial, a phase 1/2a study with the primary objective to determine safety and preliminary efficacy of Invirsa's topically administered eye drop formulation of INV-102, has completed enrollment. Subjects had moderate dry eye and dosing was well tolerated in all groups.

👁️ Ray Therapeutics Closes Oversubscribed $100M Series A Financing to Advance Optogenetic Gene Therapies

Ray Therapeutics announced an upsized and oversubscribed $100 million Series A financing round to advance multiple programs targeting blinding diseases through clinical development.

Ray Therapeutics has developed an optogenetic platform to bioengineer a pipeline of genotype independent therapeutics for vision restoration in multiple retinal diseases where the normal light sensing cells (photoreceptors) are lost—for example retinitis pigmentosa—other inherited retinal dystrophies, and macular degeneration. The company’s lead candidate, RTx-015, is expected to begin first-in-human clinical trials shortly.

👁️ FDA Approves Bausch + Lomb and Novaliq's Miebo for the Treatment of the Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease

Bausch + Lomb announced that the FDA has approved Miebo (perfluorohexyloctane ophthalmic solution; formerly known as NOV03) for the treatment of the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease (DED). The comapnies say Miebo is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for DED that directly targets tear evaporation.

Miebo, which is administered as a single drop into each eye and is given four times a day, is designed to reduce tear evaporation at the ocular surface.