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Aldeyra Therapeutics Achieve Phase 3 Primary Endpoint for Dry Eye Disease Treatment
Aldeyra Therapeutics have announced the achievement of the primary endpoint in their Phase 3 TRANQUILITY-2 clinical trial of their investigational new drug Reproxalap. The drug was a superior vehicle for two prescribed end points – Schirmer test (the most common test for drug approval for fry eye disease) and ≥10 mm Schirmer test responder proportions after 1 day of dosing.

“I am extremely encouraged about the Schirmer test results and the other clinical sign endpoint data produced by reproxalap, highlighting the broad therapeutic benefit this therapy may bring to patients suffering from dry eye disease.” Cathleen McCabe, MD and Chief Medical Officer at Eye Health America.
A Type B Pre-NDA meeting is expected to be held with the FDA in the third quarter of 2022, followed by a potential NDA submission.

Rayner Acquires Stake in Surgical Instrument Company
Rayner have announced their acquisition of a stake in Belgian Manufacturer HASA Optix Belgium, a sustainable surgical instrument company.

"Partnering with Hasa Optix means that we can assist ophthalmologists with an additional part of the surgical procedure and further supports our mission of being focussed on providing the best visual outcomes for clinicians and patients.” Tim Clover,  CEO Rayner.

Hasa Optix surgical instruments will be available from Rayner in selected countries later this year.