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🎉ESCRS Sunday News Round Up

We had the pleasure of speaking to Oliver Hvidt at Norlase who recently announced their new pattern scanning laser; the ECHO. ESCRS is the first major show where they are exhibiting it since obtaining FDA and CE approval. It takes a 100kg workstation and turns it into a small device that can be held in your hand. A laser photocoagulator that delivers predefined patterns instead of a single spot, which is used to treat retina and glaucoma disease of the human eye.

We also spoke to Jack Simmons at Corza Medical who have recently launched a hands free Gonio Lens, which allows for direct viewing of the angle during glaucoma surgery including MIGS. The unique design provides secure lens stability with the use of a coupling gel and allows for bi-manual surgery without the help of an assistant.

We chatted with Benjamin Graf at Sophi - Swiss Ophthalmology Innovation where they launched premium 5 years ago at ESCRS and received CE approval in 2019. It is a Phaco device being promoted and sold worldwide. It is the first full battery generating device with a control pump to actively pump fluids into the eye. The device is very adaptable to different clinics and surgeons.

We were greeted by Luis Artal at VOPTICA who spoke on their Art IOLs, which are the first IOL which mimic the optical performance of the human lens. The natural crystalline lens provides optimised field curvature and improved peripheral vision for patients. In addition to this they have the Art IOLs 40 70 which recently received really good results in the Journal of refractive surgery with its excellent visual outcomes at all distances without the compromise of halos or dysphotpsias.

We had the pleasure to speak with Antonio Boccardi at BVI Medical who have recently launched surgical dye for procedure segment surgery, which is now in the market and opening up to Western Europe. This is just one of the examples of surgical products and innovations.

We were welcomed by Antoine Doumenc at Helix Surgical (Ilasis Laser) who has been demonstrating the Rx instrument, which is currently going through the CE marking process and hopefully be CE marked in October of this year. At that point it will be the first Femto laser instrument for cataract surgery. This handheld instrument gives surgeons full control during the procedure, taking no extra time compared to manual capsulorhexis.

And finally, we spoke to Stephen Mitchley at Sight Sciences who has been demonstrating the OMNI surgical system, which is the first and only glaucoma device indicated for canaloplasty followed by trabeculotomoy for patients with primary open-angle glaucoma. It allows surgeons to target three points of resistance intended to lower IOP and sustain long-term IOP reduction.

We’d like to thank everyone who spoke to us and gave us insights into what’s going on within their company!

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