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August has seen some HUGE announcements in the field of Ophthalmology which includes some amazing movements in terms of technology, but also a massive acquisition that’s set to take place this year.  ​

​Visibly becomes the First FDA Cleared Online Vision Test in the US 
Visibly have been developing an at-home digital vision testing platform. This month they have announced that they have received clearance from the FDA for their Visibly Digital Acuity Product (VDAP). Visibly said it is the first FDA-cleared online visual acuity test on the US market.
This telemedical platform has been created to expand affordable access to vision care from across the US. The platform will allow consumers to access Visibly’s on demand, self-administered visual acuity test through their phones or computers. The test takes around 6 minutes, and the results can be made visible to eye care professionals immediately. Designed for individuals between the ages of 22 – 40, this will bring able huge changes to the eye care space in the US. 
Alcon to acquire Aerie in 2022
A huge announcement was made this month to reveal that Alcon are to acquire Aerie Pharmaceuticals on another move to boost its glaucoma portfolio and significantly expand its pharmaceuticals offer. Alcon’s acquisition of Aerie Pharmaceuticals will cost $770, $15.25 per share – a premium of 37% of Aerie’s latest closing price. Since this has been approved at the highest level the acquisition is anticipated to complete by the end of 2022.
BVI installs first Beyeonics One System 
BVI have recently announced that they have installed the first Beyeonics One System at Holzman Solomon Vision Partners in Virginia. On August 17, Jonathon Solomon, MD, was the first US surgeon to offer ophthalmic surgery with the Beyeonics One platform in private practice. Since the first practice went well, Holzman Solomon Partners will be integrating this as their primary imaging platform for all ophthalmic surgery moving forward. 
The features of this device enable surgeons to visualise the surgical field with enhanced clarity and detail, along with performing surgery without being constrained or limited in physical movement. 
“The partnership with Holzman Solomon Vision Partners marks a great milestone. As the first exoscope deploying all digital imaging during surgery, Beyeonics One advances visualization during ophthalmic surgery to the next level. Digital imaging technology has become standard in many industries and we are excited to bring that to ophthalmology. This furthers BVI’s mission to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes," said Shervin Korangy, President and CEO, BVI.
Lensar’s ALLY Adaptive Cataract Treatment System treated first patients
August has seen Lensar announced that the first commercial cases have been performed using the ALLY Adaptive Cataract Treatment System in Florida, USA. Robert Winestock performed 15 laser-assisted cataract surgery cases following the recent installation of the ALLY system at his eye institute. ALLY is the next generation of eyecare surgery, leading a huge shift in practice for cataract surgeons. 
Over the past months, Lensar has partnered with a select few cataract surgeons and surgery facilities to integrate the system. ALLY’s size and ergonomics are dedicated to facilitate completing the entire cataract surgery procedure in a single, sterile setting—reducing the overall time and improving the experience for the patient and surgeon. Along with increased efficiencies, ALLY is designed to enable surgeons to provide improved clinical outcomes too. Its Augmented Reality and Cataract Density Imaging will provide surgeons with a new level of guidance and confidence while performing surgery.
Staar Collaborates with Joe Jonas to Introduce New EVO ICL 
For the music fans out there, you’ll be pleased to hear that Staar Surgical have announced its partnership with Joe Jonas (singer, songwriter and actor) to raise awareness of its EVO Visian Implantable Collamer Lenses. EVO is FDA approved to provide vision corrector lenses that are intended for the correction and reduction of myopia and astigmatism. 
You may not be aware that Joe Jonas has had myopia since childhood and it’s one of the most common vision disorders worldwide, with prevalence rapidly increasing. This month, he had the EVO lenses implemented and is now living free from contact lenses and glasses. EVO claims to provide details sharp, clear vision at all times, doesn’t induce dry eye syndrome and preserves the cornea. 
FDA 510(K) Clearance for Glaukos’s iStent Infinite 
Glaukos have announced that the iStent infinite Trabecular Micro-Bypass System has received FDA 510(k) clearance this month. The system is indicated for use as a standalone procedure to reduce elevated IOP in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma uncontrolled by prior medical and surgical therapy. 
The surgeon carrying out the procedure will preloade an auto-injection system with three heparin-coatin titanium stents and inject the stents across a span of 6 hours around Schlemm’s canal. After being placed, they’re designed to lower IOP through restoring the natural outflow of aqueous humor. Later this year they intend to launch activities for the iStent.

We’re anticipating that September will be a huge month for new technology, developments and equipment in the space as there are several conference, so keep your eyes peeled on our company page and turn ON those notifications to find out the latest details as soon as their release!

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