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📢 FDA Grants Clearance to Altris AI IMS for Cutting-Edge OCT Scan Analysis
Altris received FDA 510(k) clearance for Altris IMS, the company’s image and data management platform. Specifically designed for the storage, organisation, and comprehensive analysis of OCT scans, it offers secure, cloud-based, web-accessible tools to enhance the convenience and precision of OCT scan analysis in the fields of ophthalmology and optometry.

👁️ Aire app supports blind and partially sighted patients.
A trial of the Aire app has been introduced to provide visual assistance for patients at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. The smartphone app, will link patients with trained Aira agents who will help with navigation and social distancing, letting users know when someone is approaching. This service would enable blind and partially signed patients to attend appointments independently.

😎 Aether Eyewear to launch its premier audio-enabled eyewear collection.
Aether debuts its lightweight audio-enabled glasses collection, offering up to 3 hours of playtime on a single charge in an accompanying brushed aluminium case. Creative Director & Co-founder Hannes Unt: “Our goal was to create a wearable design object as a portal to a holistic aural experience, allowing users to tune into the soundscape that reflects their mood while staying connected to the present moment”.

📈 The Global #Ophthalmic Drug Market
The Global Ophthalmic Drugs Market expands from $27.06B in 2022 to $28.55B in 2023, projecting a 5.4% CAGR and aiming to reach $41.98B by 2030. Factors driving this growth include increasing prevalence of eye diseases, rising demand for innovative ophthalmic drugs, and the heightened emphasis on research and development within the sector. Significant investment within this sector indicates its potential for rapid expansion and the opportunities available to industry participants.

✈️ Orbis International have been very busy lately acquiring new partnerships!
Orbis is launching a surgical training program in Zambia on the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, the world's only fully accredited ophthalmic teaching hospital located on an aircraft. Orbis clinical staff and Volunteer Faculty, comprising medical experts, will deliver hands-on simulation and surgical training to eye care professionals from various regions within Zambia. This collaborative effort was possible through sustained support from the Alcon Foundation and OMEGA SA.

During ESCRS, Orbis and Heidelberg Engineering announced a new partnership with an aim to help eliminate avoidable blindness worldwide by pairing excellence in ocular imaging with accessible ophthalmic education.
Heidelberg Engineering Managing Director Arianna Schoess Vargas: ‘We want to train doctors and young doctors on how to use imaging, how to use our equipment in their daily clinic, and how it can transform their clinical practice’.