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It’s no secret that the focus of eco-friendliness and sustainability have ramped up in the previous few years. We’ve noticed that global brands have started looking at partnerships, supply chain and the operational side of the business and even begun experimenting with environmentally friendly products to make businesses more sustainable.
The eyewear space has been at the forefront of developing environmentally conscious products and reimaging their business practices for several years. Businesses have refocussed and senior management teams have been committed to tackling the environmental impacts of the eye space.
We wanted to highlight some of the most important movements that organisations have been making to reduce their environmental impact and become more sustainable.
Modo Eyewear – Pioneering the way for environmentally friendly eyewear
One of the organisations that are pioneering their way for environmentally friendly eyewear are Modo Eyewear who have been focussed on taking their eco eyewear brand to the next level. The brand began in 2012 and since then have been producing frames across four different ‘families’ of materials to include: bio-based, bio-acetate, ocean plastics and recycled materials. They’re increasingly developing new ways to make a difference and raise awareness for environmental issues we are all faced with. They’ve taken it a step further beyond the frames, using biodegradable and compostable transport bags.    
O-SIX Custom Eyewear
O-Six are at the forefront of design and style for their eyewear range, allowing the purchaser to completely customise the frames that they are intending to purchase, even going so far as to add engraving to their lenses. One thing O-Six are doing to differentiate them from their competitors is to only produce eyewear when it is required, thus eliminating waste and deadstock from the very beginning.  
Crann Eyewear – Native Woodland Trust
Crann Eyewear are well-known for blending elegance and edginess to their designs of lenses and eyewear. For several years now, they have been leading the way for sustainability in the eyewear sector by only using 100% recycled and sustainable materials. They have partnered with the Native Woodland Trust and carry the Guaranteed Irish licence mark.
Eyespace have launched lenses made from recycled plastic waste
Eyespace have been well versed in promoting their environmentally friendly production of eyewear for several years. They have been gathering ISO accreditations, including environmental standard ISO 14001 and are working towards B-Corp certification. They have recently launched a set of optical frames for their children’s brand which has featured styles made from recycled plastic waste. To accompany this, they have name each frame after and endangered sea animal to raise awareness of plastics going into our oceans.
Companies in the eyewear space have continued to develop new and innovative ways of using recycled and environmentally friendly materials to produce their products. Have we missed any new innovations in the eyecare space that you can think of? Share with us below!