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There’s been a whole host of news that’s built up throughout September. We recently posted some news directly from the ESCRS and we wanted to highlight some of the other major news stories that have been announced during this month. Heading towards the autumn months, we’ve noticed that the eyewear market has been spoken about more so we’ll aim to highlight some of these news stories too!
Essilor to launch their autumn marketing campaign
In the recent years, digital and social media campaigns have increased significantly in the eyecare sector. Companies such as Essilor have been leading the way for organisations to follow suit in producing compelling and sales driven marketing content focussed around their latest releases. They’ve recently announced their plans to launch a national digital media campaign and hyperlocal social media drive in October focussed around its Eyezen single vision lenses. The campaign seeks to encourage conversations about Essilor’s Eyezen brand of lenses, whilst directing patient to their local, participating optical practice.
Patients aged between 25 and 40 living within a seven to 15km radius of participating practices will receive an Eyezen advert in their Facebook feed, where they will be able to make an appointment with their local practice. 
Roche’s Vabysmo for Wet AMD & DME Approved by European Commission
Roche have announced this week that the European Commission have approved Vabysmo for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and visual impairment due to diabetic macular edema (DME). Roche have acknowledged that many people with nAMD and DME find it challenging to keep up with the monthly eye injections and physician visits which could and has led to undesirable results of undertreatment. For individuals living in Europe with such conditions, the approval means that the first new mechanism of action in over a decade could improve and affect individual’s vision with fewer injection required over time.
Vabysmo is the only injectable eye medicine that has been approved in Europe with phase three studies supporting treatments at intervals of up to four months for people living with nAMD and DME. The intention of such treatment is that people will require fewer eye injections over time, whilst also improving and maintaining vision and anatomy. This could lead to ideally less burdensome treatment schedules for individuals, their caregivers and healthcare systems.
Marchon and Paul Smith Sign Eyewear License
In January 2023, we can expect to see the collaboration between Marchon and Paul Smith in stores after recently entering into a strategic licensing partnership. Marchon will be responsible for designing, manufacturing, and distributing Paul Smith eyewear on a global basis. Excitingly, this is the first deal to be revealed under Marchon’s new President Thomas Burkhardt.
Researchers at Wayne State University Repurpose Drug to Treat Resistant Bacterial Eye Infections
The department of Opthalmology, Visual and Anatomical Sciences at Wayne State University School of Medicine have identified three non-antibiotic drugs that can be used to protect the eye from severe inflammation during bacterial infections. The findings are that the drugs are also able to be used to adjunct therapy with standard antibiotics to minimize infection outcomes.
“One of the ways to identify new drugs for any disease includes drug repurposing, where we can identify additional uses for already-approved drugs, enabling the quickest and cheapest possible transition from bench to bedside,” Dr. Kumar said.
Armani Group & EssilorLuxottica announce their 15-year licensing renewal
The companies have been longstanding eyewear partners since 1988, well known across the market for developing a solid, long-term collaboration as trusted partners. “The relationship with EssilorLuxottica has been a cornerstone of my path, born from personal and professional esteem, which has led to challenging choices. Such an important renewal is the confirmation of a mutual loyalty that makes me proud and that will lead to further, important innovations,” said Giorgio Armani.

With AAO happening tomorrow, is there any exciting news you expect to come from that? Comment below!