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📢 Elevate your #eyecare hiring game with our FREE Job Survey🔥

To take your business from good to great, it must begin with the right people. And, to attract the right talent it’s absolutely crucial to start by understanding what a role requires.

🔥 Introducing our game-changing partnership with McQuaig, the industry leaders in behavioural assessments. 🤝 We're thrilled to offer you an EXCLUSIVE FREE tool that unveils the secrets of your ideal candidate!
Unlock a world of insights with SIX comprehensive reports that empower you to build the dream team your business deserves. 📈

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. 

The McQuaig Job Survey

A combination of 6 reports (The Profile, Interpretations Report, Selling Style Report, Leadership Profile, Interviewing Questions, Reference Checking Questions), which helps managers, stakeholders and recruiters define the behavioural requirements for any job at any level.

Why use it?

  • Establish the behaviours you want in a role
  • You can create an internal benchmark for every role in the organisation

What Vision Executives Offer

On Vision Executives recently launched website, we have partnered with McQuaig to offer a FREE Job Survey and provide comprehensive insights to help you truly understand the ideal candidate profile, by generating six detailed reports.

To understand more about this service, all you need to do is leave your details on our FREE Employer Tools page on the Vision Executives website. By sharing your contact details our team can start the process of receiving a customised assessment and reports.