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There have been some exciting recent developments in the ophthalmology industry:
👁️ WCO and Alcon Partner to Launch Revolutionary Dry Eye Tool
The World Council Of Optometry (WCO) and Alcon are extending an invitation to eye care professionals across the world to join them at the launch of a new tool that helps the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease – WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel.

The WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel, designed by Jennifer CraigLyndon Jones, and James Wolffsohn, is an interactive tool that makes it easy to reference the three pillars of mitigation, measurement, and management.

Link: WCO and Alcon to Launch Revolutionary Dry Eye Tool | OBN (

👁️ Alzheimer's First Signs May Appear in Your Eyes
Researchers at Cedars-Sinai have conducted the most comprehensive in-depth analyses of the protein profiles and the molecular, cellular, and structural effects of Alzheimer’s disease in the human retina and how they correspond with changes in the brain and cognitive function.

Link: Eyes May Offer Early Clues to Alzheimer's Disease | OBN (

👁️ Hundreds Go Blind As NHS’ Appointment Backlogs Exceed 600,000
Over 500 people have lost their sight while waiting for an eye appointment as NHS England backlog continues to mount since 2019. The Association of Optometrists described the situation as “health emergency”, and is calling on the government for urgent action to address the growing backlog.

Currently, 628,502 people are awaiting ophthalmology appointments in England alone, according to the latest figures from NHS England, with 27,260 of those having been waiting a year or more.

Link: NHS Eye Appointment Delays: Hundreds Lose Sight | OBN (

👁️ LumiThera Reports Positive Results for Dry AMD Treatment in US LIGHTSITE III Trial
LumiThera, Inc. announced the 24-month data from its LIGHTSITE III multicenter clinical trial. The results showed sustained vision improvement in subjects with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) who were treated with the Valeda Light Delivery System.


👁️ Nikon Reveals New Lens Technology
Nikon Lenswear UK Careers UK showcased its latest ophthalmic lens technology and revealed details of its public-facing campaign, at 100% Optical (25–27 February).

Nikon introduced its latest advancement in its premium lens coating portfolio, which the company noted had remained untouched for more than seven years.

The SeeCoat Next brings clarity and durability, and has been “tested and proven to handle the rigors of daily wearing conditions,” Nikon shared.

Link: Nikon reveals new lens technology (